Sunday, February 14, 2010


Moon is a great science fiction-psychological thriller movie,one of the greatest I've ever seen. It presents the tragic destiny of person,fallen victim to a world driven by advanced technology and,let's say,greed.

Sam Bell(Sam Rockwell)is all alone on the moon,working for a company called "Lunar Industries",gathering Helium and sending to earth,to fulfill earth's energy demand.He is stationed on a base automated by a very sophisticated technology,with an equally advanced robot named Gerty.

There's only two more weeks to finish his three year contract on the moon and he is very excited about going back to his wife and daughter. Some how there has been no live communication between the earth and the moon he has only been able to communicate with recorded messages.Sam has also been having hallucinations since recently. He sees teenage girl around,now and then.

One day he gets on a rover and goes to the Helium harvesting machine to get the next load ready to be sent to earth in a capsule. As he gets close,his hallucinatory girl appears on the path,and Sam crashes the rover on the harvester in his confusion. He just manages to put his helmet on before loosing consciousness.

When he later wakes up in the infirmary of the base,Gerty tells him of the accident,but Sam Doesn't remember it. Sam is also told that a rescue team from Earth to repair the damaged harvester he is not allowed out side the base.

But Sam gets ever so suspicious when he accidentally overhears a live communication between Earth and Gerty. He sabotages one of the gas pipe of the base and persuades Gerty to let him out to fix it.

Once out side,Sam heads for the harvester instead. There he finds some one unconscious in a rover,his own double!

He brings the unconscious man to the base and gets Gerty to put him in the infirmary and give necessary care.

When he recovers, the two identical men start accusing each other for being a clone.But they eventually get over the grudge and start working together to unearth the mystery behind their existence. What they find out is........

Well,watch the movie! It's a masterpiece! One distinctive feature of this film is that there is only one human character in almost the whole film. One another thing is that the whole plot takes place on the Moon. Sam Rockwell does do justice to the character of a man working alone on a lifeless planet,shut away,only to face a totally unacceptable reality in the end.

Directed by Duncan Jones
Produced by Stuart Fenegan
Trudie Styler
Written by Nathan Parker
Duncan Jones
Cast Sam Rockwell
Kevin Spacey
Dominique McElligott
Music by Clint Mansell
Cinematography Gary Shaw
Editing by Nicolas Gaster
Studio Liberty Films
Stage 6 Films
Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics
Release date(s) 23 January 2009 Sundance)
17 July 2009 (UK)
Running time 97 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

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