Friday, May 7, 2010

Hot Fuzz, time to roar with laughter

I really did have such a wonderful time watching this movie, laughing so hard that my ribs nearly cracked.  I would say Hot Fuzz is a film in which crime,suspense,action all so finely wrapped in humor.

Okay, time to take a peek in to the plot. Nicholas Angel (  Simon Pegg ) is a police officer of the  Metropolitan Police Service of London. Hardly anything but the duty matters to him. His overly devotion to duty makes his fellow officers look bad, and he gets transfered to  a small station in  Gloucestershire. Though dignified as he is Angel is determined to do his best in the apparently crime-free neighborhood. Unfortunately, the entire staff of his new station is an ignorant and lazy lot.   
Things get a new twist when a few of the villagers die in most odd accidents. Angel is convinced that they were all murdered,but to his dismay all the stations staff including the inspector is convinced they were all accidents. However, Angel is determined to find the truth............
Well, the beauty of the movie is the way this plot has been turned in to a comedy. In my opinion, all rest of the cast do a better job acting than Pegg who plays Angel, but his is a pretty good performance too. Watch the movie and see whether you could agree with me.
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