Sunday, June 20, 2010

A bug's Life

A bugs life is  an animation movie about a colony of ants who were made slaves by a bunch of grass hoppers. I found the truly wonderful. 

There is a colony of ants who work hard for all some gathering food, only to offer a very large portion of it to a bunch of bullying grasshoppers. Flik is an ant who is considered an oddball by the rest of the colony. He always invent things, and tries to make a difference. The real starting point of the plot is when Flick's newly invented harvesting machine knocks the pile of offerings for the hoppers in to a water puddle in the haste of getting in to the anthill as the hoppers approach the colony looking for the usual offering. The grasshoppers are furious to find no offering, and threaten and order that the ants somehow gather food for the offering, "before the last leave fall".

The movie has a good plot, the voices are brilliant, dialogs are fantastic, and the graphics and animations are superb.
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