Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm Not Scared, A great Movie Experiance!

I'm grateful to Nebular for posting a very good review of this film here on Cninemarvelous because that's how I came to know this movie. I went straight for a trailer in you tube  after reading his review. All looked very promising. When I finally watched the movie I was so glad that I did. Io Non Ho Paura, a.k.a. I'm not scared was a masterpiece. 

In this gripping Italian movie is a plot that takes your fullest attention through out. It cats a group of kids living quite happily in a breath taking countryside of Italy, playing about carefree like birds. One day they ride on to an abandoned building. One of  the kids, a boy, Fillipo, accidentally discovers a big hole dug on the ground and covered from above.   He takes a peek in to it gets a nasty shock when he sees  a child imprisoned inside.  

Fillipo slowly builds a rapport with this locked-up stranger, and tries to figure out who he is, why he is kept there, and by whom, not quite realizing how what reveals it self to him would affect him and what it would demand of him.

This plot is so strong and full of suspense, keeps you wondering what would happen next, and the end is as appealing as the beginning. And you get see one of the best acting performance of a child ever. The selection of the locations couldn't have been better. And the director has used some symbolic,   subtle things to express ideas that  a hundred words wouldn't. Io Non Ho Paura is a very good example as to how have thriller effects suspense in a  movie  with out using blood curdling action sequences. 

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