Friday, February 12, 2010

Matchstick Men, Nicolas Cage is outstanding in this movie

Nicolas Cage plays the role of a complicated character in this film. He,  Roy Walter, is a con man who earns a fortune by tricking people in some ways, together with his side kick Frank( Sam Rockwell). Roy is severely neurotic, can't tolerate dirt, obsessive compulsive and there for is a loner, divorced, and suppresses a crush on a woman who also seems to like him. Following an intense neurotic attack one day, he visits a new physician who councils him and suggests that he makes contact with his ex wife. Eventually he sees his daughter who apparently likes and understands him. She steps in to his life penetrating all his phobias and ends up settling down in his apartment, claiming to have quarreled with her mother. Living with her is like an exposure therapy that his phobias begin to subside. Just as the life starts to look bright, things go horribly wrong when one of Roy's con victims encounter him, his daughter and partner. In a violent struggle, the daughter shoots the challenging customer. Just as Roy manages to let his daughter get away with Frank, the enraged client knocks him out cold. After this incident the plot reveals a tremendous twist in itself. Watch the movie and see for yourself. It's a beautiful film. which revolves around Nicolas Cage's unbelievably fantastic acting.


Directed by          Ridley Scott
Produced by        Ridley Scott
                           Steve Starkey
                           Sean Bailey
                           Jack Rapke
                           Ted Griffin
Screenplay by     Ted Griffin
                           Nicholas Griffin
Script based on   Matchstick Men: A Novel about Grifters with Issues (2002)
Cast                     Nicolas Cage
                           Alison Lohman
                           Sam Rockwell
                           Bruce Altman
                           Bruce McGill


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