Sunday, January 2, 2011

Date Night

Greetings from Sri Lanka for a very happy new year, everyone! I've been watching some movies, only didn't feel like reviewing them here. Well, not until I saw Dae Night. You Know, there are some books and movies that you just push aside for no reason and only read or watch them only  you have nothing else available and when you do, some of them are pretty good that you just wonder,"why the hell didn't I read/watch this before?  Well, date night was just like that.

The plot unfolds around a  married couple,  the Fosters, quite bored, stuck in the routines of domestic life, jobs, bringing up kids, you name it. One day, they go to a city restaurant for dinner, leaving the kids with a sitter. They reach the place pretty late, and can't get a table. Then Mr Foster decides to pretend themselves to be a couple who just didn't turn up for their reservation, and they make it to a table, only to get tangled up in trouble with some goons, as the couple they were pretending to be had some involvement with them. So the Fosters must use their wits to the best to get out of the mess. ................

The movie was pretty funny with fairly good acting from Steve Carell  and Tina Fey as the Fosters. Actually it was their acting specially Steve's that defines the movie altogether.      

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