Saturday, April 24, 2010


I really don't know why this movie was generally negatively received by movie critiques, I found the movie interesting.  

The plot starts with a plane crash. Very few of the passengers survive. Psychotherapist Claire ( Anne Hathaway ) is called upon to counsel the survivors, who are vulnerable to post traumatic stress, in a group setting. One of the survivors, Eric ( Patrick Wilson ) , refuses to participate in group therapy. He looks too cheerful for someone who has just been in a horrible plane crash, which is assumed to be suggestive of significant psychological disturbance. Clair visits him at his place and talks with him,trying to help. He denies her professional help but indicates that he likes her. In the mean time some of her group therapy participants stop showing up for therapy. Things get really spooky when Clair and the patients notice a stranger looking at them during the group sessions. Then certain things happen that make Clair and her patients wonder whether the plane crash was not caused by pilot error as believed but by a defect of the plane, and the airline company is trying to remove evidence. Thinking that knowing the truth would help her patients, Clair tries to find out what really happened. What she ultimately discovers is......................  

The end of the movie is totally unexpected and surprising. Hathaway does do the justice for her role, showing clearly the kind of difficulties faced by a psychotherapist, working with disturbed and uncooperative patients. She also has succeeded in showing that a psychologist is also a human being after all, vulnerable to all those emotions, stress, and so on. The way Patric plays the role of a post traumatic stress victim is nearly perfect. The excellent cinematography of this movie has given it an
air of mystery in a very fine manner.

I'll conclude this review by saying that Passengers is a movie with a very unique theme, a dramatically surprising end, very good acting, and excellent cinematography.

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