Friday, March 26, 2010


A problem with many American science fiction movies that they are mainly action/thriller movies with just a touch of science. But Contact is truly an exception in the science plays a bigger role in it.

The plot is woven around Dr. Eleanor Arroway, [Jodie Foster ] a scientist determined to capture some radio signal transmitted by any extra terrestrial intelligence. She has a hard time continuing her research, with the majority of her fellow scientist and even sponsors thinking she is on a wild goose chase.

But the whole world gets exited when she eventually does receives an encoded signal apparently transmitted from the star Vega. The message shows the video  Adolf Hitler's welcoming speech at the 1936 Summer Olympics. Apparently the TV tranmition of that speech had reached far out in the space, received by some alien beings, and transmitted back to the earth. Further decoding of the message reveals a set of instructions to build a very sophisticated machine that is believed capable of transporting a single person to Vega.

Over much discussion and argument, the Federal government decides to build the machine. After some dramatic incidents, Dr. Eleanor eventually becomes the Earth's representative who would volunteer to go in the machine. What she discovers after the machine is activated with her in it is,.....................

I consider this to be the best sci fi movie I have seen so far, though Jodie Foster's performance as the main actress was not much impressive and the end of the movie was a little awkward.

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